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Battle artists in your city and genre by submitting your YouTube song link and you could become a city, national, and/or global phenomenon.


Local Phenomenon

Make your first life-long fans. The fans who will support and protect you till' the end; through your ups and your downs.

National Phenomenon

Reach a greater audience. Have your music permeate to thousands as you touch and change lives.

Global Phenomenon

Inspire millions. Music is the universal lanuguage all can understand and love.

How the battles work.

1. Submit!

Submit your YouTube songs to your profile. Beautifully designed with the artist and fan in mind!


2. Battle!

Choose a song to battle with in your city's genre-specific tournaments. Our technology intelligently pairs all songs and the battles begin!


3. Win!

The Stamp Champ is crowned! Badge placed on profile and badge emailed to embed on artists's personal website. Enjoy massive /publicity, homepage/recognition, and credibility!


This could be you. Watch the video that made Dan Henig the best Acoustic/Pop artist in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

Latest from the blog.

  • "Stamp.fm was a great opportunity to get my name out on campus. It was awesome to see people come together to vote and get into the Stamp.fm process."

  • "I had so much fun competing in the Stamp.fm tournament and was honored to make it to the finals! I hope to try again for the next one!"

  • "Stamp.fm gave me the opportunity to explore a part of me that had laid dormant for far too long. I sang my heart out and gave it all I got, and, even though I didn't win, I loved every single moment of the experience."

  • "I had so much fun participating in this tournament. Everything was so well organized and I recommend every up and coming artist to try this out."

  • "As a participant I can say that Stamp.fm has been a truly great experience. I look forward to seeing the promising growth of its success."

Participate in the Battles.


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